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Stephane Viaud-Murat

Relevance versus Traction

(Or “When was the last time you shared a Wikipedia page?”)

Weight loss wiki-min

Google rightly says this Wikipedia content is relevant for ‘weight loss’. But are you going to share it with your friends? Nah.


Woman s rare genetic disorder wiki-min

But for the same search term, Easy Blog Ideas identified this story as one that people are sharing on their social networks now.


Hi. I’m Stephane Murat. I’ve been running a successful inbound marketing agency for five years. But I’d noticed my clients were getting a diminishing return on their investment in content. Why? It turned out the blog post ideas we were getting from traditional keyword searches weren’t always the ideas that consumers wanted to read about.

And that’s because Google predominantly searches by keyword relevance. Big relevance factors are text length and keyword density, along with inbound links from authoritative sites. As a blog owner or copywriter, you already know all about these factors. But those relevance signals don’t necessarily mean it’s the content that people are engaging with … and then sharing with their social networks.

typewriter old content
wikipedia illustration image

For example, people rarely get excited by Wikipedia entries … far less share them. But because of the scholarly nature of Google, Wikipedia entries invariably rank highly. It’s very relevant content but, well, dull. So I’ve worked with some data scientists to find a way to search your keywords by social traction and shares. To find the vibrant story ideas that folks are really interested in.

When you use Easy Blog Ideas for a keyword search, we deliver a series of inspiring story cards. Each card shows the title and source … plus ‘at a glance’ information about the social traction that story is gaining.

easyblogidea exemple screen img

You can use the story cards to spot trending ideas in your niche, develop your own version of the story and, ultimately, to get more popularity and engagement with your marketplace. Quite frankly, our new plugin gives blog owners and copywriters an unfair advantage when it comes to content marketing.” Scroll down to see how story cards work. Or click here to install Easy Blog Ideas for WordPress for free, right now.